Vertical electrophoresis PAGE

Cleaver omniPAGE Vertical Electrophoresis System | Elektrophoresekammer für PAGE

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• Made in UK
• Casting and running gels with the same internal module
• For both hand-cast pre-cast gels
• Simple clamp system
• Leak proof
• 2 mm thick glass plates for minimised risk of breakage
• Glued-in spacers
• Compatible with all 8 x 10- and 10 x 10-cm pre-cast gels
• Suitable for all types of PAGE electrophoresis
(SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, protein as well as high resolution DNA/RNA electrophoresis) nucleic acid electrophoresis
• tank blot module available (optional)

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The cleaver omniPAGE from electrophoresis system is suitable for hand cast as well as allmost all commercial 10×8 cm and 10×10 cm (W x H) precast polyacrylamide gels: e.g. SERVA, Thermo, DGel, and Invitrogen.

Youtube Video „how to use the omniPAGE electrophoresis system“:


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OmniPAGE Mini

System with Caster, for pre-cast Gels (without glass plates and caster), System with Caster and additional casting unit for casting gels while running another


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