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  • Agarose Analyse and Prep (Molecular Biology Grade) LEE

    If you are not satisfied with the yield or performance of your DNA gel extraction you should rather change your agarose than your extraction kit. Change now to our Simplebiotech Analyse and Prep agarose (LEE) qualified for preparative and analytic gel electrophoresis and improve the performance of your DNA extraction.

    • For analytical and preparative gel electrophoresis
    • Low Electroendosmosis  (EEO* ≤13)
    • DNase/RNAase activity not detected
    • No inhibition to restriction enzymes and ligase
    • Ensures DNA recovery without damaging its properties and structure
    • Clear and sharp bands
    • High clarity (Clarity 1.5 % (NTU) ≤ 3)
    • Extraordinary mechanical resistance for easy handling
    • Low background staining
    not rated 221,00 398,50 

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