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  • Elektrophoresekammer vertikal, Elektrophorese Kammer Polyacrylamid, Gelkammer Acrylamid Elektrophorese, SDS-PAGE Kammer, Geltank, Acrylamid Elektrophorese, Protein Elektrophorese, Elektrophoresetank, Cleaver Scientific Electrophoresekammer, Omni PAGE Elektrophorese, Cleaver scientific electrophoresis

    Cleaver omniPAGE Vertical Electrophoresis System | Elektrophoresekammer für PAGE

    • Made in UK
    • Casting and running gels with the same internal module
    • For both hand-cast pre-cast gels
    • Simple clamp system
    • Leak proof
    • 2 mm thick glass plates for minimised risk of breakage
    • Glued-in spacers
    • Compatible with all 8 x 10- and 10 x 10-cm pre-cast gels
    • Suitable for all types of PAGE electrophoresis
    (SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, protein as well as high resolution DNA/RNA electrophoresis) nucleic acid electrophoresis
    • tank blot module available (optional)

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