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  • PCR Werkbank, UV PCR, Bench, PCR Cabinet, UV PCR Cabinet, UV PCR Workbench, UV Cabinet

    PCR Workstation | PCR Cabinet | PCR Workbench | UV PCR Bench

    PCR Workstation groß, PCR Werkbank, UVC PCR Box, UV Dead Air Box, PCR hood, PCR Workstation large, PCR bench groß
    PCR Workstatation L

    • Designed and produced in Germany
    • Effective DNA/RNA inactivation with powerful high intensity UV  tube
    • Prevents your samples from cross contamination
    • Adjustable timer
    • Total operating time counter for UV tubes
    • Easy change of the UV tubes
    • Two integrated power outlets for lab equipment
    • Economic, energy saving and silent
    • Custom sizes available on request


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  • Incubation Hood Inkuserve Inkubationshaube Inkubator für Labor-Schüttler, Inkubatorhaube, Inkubator Haube

    Inkuserve Inkubationshaube – Incubation Hood

    Convert your shaker into a shaking incubator

    • Incubation Hood Incuserve Inkubationshaube
    • Flexible, may be used with different kinds of shakers, including orbital platform shakers and overhead shakers
    • Front door with double folding device for easy access
    • Self-learning, high sensitive PID controlled temperature regulation for small amplitude around the setpoint
    • Economic price

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