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  • DNA RNA electrophoresis system

    Maxi blu Elektrophoresekammer Set – kompatibel mit BioRad Sub-Cell Modell 192

    Fully compatible with Sub-Cell Model 192 from BioRad!

    Comple Set with casting stand  (gel caster), gel tray and 2 combs

    Horziontal gel electrophoresis device incl. an UV transparent gel tray 250 x 250 (WxL), a stable gel casting stand and two combs (Combs with 26, 36, 44 and 52 teeth are available, lease indicate preference when ordering) Combs with 26 and 52 teeth are compatible with multichannel pipettes. Additional gel trays and combs can be odered separtatly. With a maximum of 12 comb positions, the electrophoresis chamber allows the simultaneous separation of up to 624 samples. The electrophoresis chamber is armed with 4mm connections for standard power supplies. For the use with Bio Rad power supplies an adaptor is needed, which can be purchased separatly at simplebiotech.

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  • Wide Blu Gelelektrophoresekammer

    „Wide blu“ Agarose Electrophoresis Device set – Agarose Elektrophorese Gelkammer

    • Extra wide for higer sample number (15cm Gel width)

    • Compatible with the Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT from Bio Rad

    • Complete with gel tray, two electrophoresis combs and gel caster

    • Solid and durable acrylic glass construction, platinum electrodes and safty connections

    • Made in Germany



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  • Elektrophoresekammer

    Electrophoresis Chamber mini blu (chamber only), compatible with BioRad mini accessories, Elektrophoresekammer mini blu

    • Suitable for 7 x 7cm and 7 x 10cm agarose gels
    • Low gel and buffer volumes, little toxic waste (ethidium bromide)
    • Low space requirement
    • Fully compatible with accessories from Bio Rad


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  • Nukleinsäure Elektrophorese Kammer, Gelkammer, Agarose Gelelektrophorese Kammer, Gelkammer, Elektrophoresekammer, horizontale Gelelektrophorese, horizontale Elektrophoresekammer, Elekrophorese Kammern

    Agarose Electrophoresis System Mini S, Elektrophoresekammer horizontal komplett mit Zubehör

    • Developed and manufactured in Germany
    • Very stable construction made of acrylic glass
    •  Pouring of gels directly in the chamber
    • No leakage, no need for adhesive tape
    • UV transparent gel carrier
    • Electrodes made of pure platinum
    • Color code for correct lid positioning
    • Electrode connections that make interchanging of poles impossible
    • Easy to remove lid
    • Up to two combs at the same time
    • Wide range of combs available


    Includes an UV transparent gel tray 70 x 80 (W x L), and two 12 well combs for up to 24 samples.


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  • Elektrophoreskammer vertikal, Elektrophorese Kammer Polyacrylamid, Gelkammer Acrylamid Elektrophorese, SDS-PAGE Kammer, Geltank, Acrylamid Elektrophorese, Protein Elektrophorese, Elektrophoresetank, Cleaver Scientific Electrophoresekammer, Omni PAGE Elektrophorese, Cleaver scientific electrophoresis

    Cleaver omniPAGE Vertical Electrophoresis System | Elektrophoresekammer für PAGE

    • Made in UK
    • Casting and running gels with the same internal module
    • For both hand-cast pre-cast gels
    • Simple clamp system
    • Leak proof
    • 2 mm thick glass plates for minimised risk of breakage
    • Glued-in spacers
    • Compatible with all 8 x 10- and 10 x 10-cm pre-cast gels
    • Suitable for all types of PAGE electrophoresis
    (SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, protein as well as high resolution DNA/RNA electrophoresis) nucleic acid electrophoresis
    • tank blot module available (optional)

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