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    Magnetrührer, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, Labor Heizplate,

    Hotplate Stirrer Labinco LD83 Pt1000 | Magnetrührer 20L mit Temperatursonde

    • Incl. PT1000 temperature sensor
    • Large Stirring Capacity: up to 20 L
    • EC Stirring Motor (brushless DC)
    • Closed Housing: withstands inside circulation of hazardous gasses/air (protects electronics)
    • Stainless Steel Reflectors: withstands heat transfer from the hotplates to the housing
    • Bi-metallic, independent over-heating protection
    • Hotplate Temparature: regulated (50-325°C) through termocouple, directly on the hotplate
    • LED HOT plate indication
    • DIN 5-pins 270 Thermometer connection
    • Hotplate available in Aluminium AlSi12 or Stainless Steel (V2A)
    • Made in the Netherlands

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    Vortexer, Vibrationsschüttler, Vortex Mischer, Vortex Schüttler, Reagenzglasmischer, Reagenzglasschüttler, Vortex Shaker

    Vortex Mixer POWER-MIX Labinco L46 | Vortexer | Reagenzglasmischer

    • Made in the Netherlands

    •  Variable speed up to maximum speed 2500 rpm

    • Press-to-Mix action and continuous action

    • Stepless speedcontrol, up to maximum speed 2500 rpm

    • Large selection of attachments available

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    Test Tube Rotator, Überwurfschüttler, Überkopfschüttler, Rotationsschüttler, Rotationsmischer, Disc Rotator, Laborschüttler, LD 79, Drehscheibenmischer, Labor Rotationsmischer,

    Test tube rotator Labinco LD 79 | Überwurfschüttler | Rotationsschüttler

    • Designed and made in the Netherlands

    Quick and easy exchange of disks

    • Numerous different discs available

    • Variable speed from 1-99 rpm

    • Digital timer 0-99 hours/1-59 minutes

    • Adjustable angle of rotation (27° to 90°)

    • Tube diameter range 4 – 40 mm

    • Dual disk run may be carried out

    • Electronically controlled stepper-motor







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  • Labinco Rollerbench | Rollenmischer | Tube Roller | Rollerschüttler | Rollermischer | Labor Rollen Mischer | Rollerbench

    Labinco Rollerbench L209 | Rollenmischer

    – For heavy loads up to 25 kg L209 series
    – L209 series with extra powerful motor
    – One fixed driven roll and one to four removable rolls without drive
    – Variable speed 1-275 rpm (new stronger and faster motor)
    – Adjustable spacing by shifting rolls
    – Roller distance 7 mm up to 215 mm
    – Roll length 35-75 cm
    – Adjustable timer
    – Handmade in the Netherlands

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  • Vortexer | Vortex Mischer

    Vortex Mixer Capp Rondo | Vortexer

    Capp Mini Vortex Mixer offers the ideal solution for thorough mixing and quick vortexing with high performance in terms of speed, reliability and safety. Speed: speed of up to 4500 RPM More than 50 percent higher speed (rpm) than the … Read More
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  • Labor Rollermischer | Roller Shaker

    Tube Roller CAPP Rondo | Rollenmischer

    Also suitable for gentle mixing of 1.5ml microcentifuge tubes („Eppis“), due to a special adaper! (Only at SIMPLEBIOTECH)

    • Gentle rocking and rolling

    • Adjustable speed 10 to 80 RPM

    • Timer ranging from 1 min to 99 mins and infinite mode

    • Maintenance free brushless DC motor

    • Removable rollers (autoclavable)

    • Adjustable roller spacing for different tube diameters

    • Digital display

    • Programmable pulse mode

    • Small footprint (W x D x H) 502mm x 92.5mm x 301 mm

    •  Efficient mixing of blood sample and viscous substances

    • Low voltage instrument of 24VDC

    • Suitable for use incubator and the Inkuserve Incubation Hood




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