Aluminium Cooling Rack Arctic Blu 1.5 mL | Metall Kühlblock 1,5 mL „Typ Eppi“ (bleifreie Alu Legierung)


lab cooling block for 24 „Eppendorf type“ centrifuge tubes 1.5 mL

• blue anodised

• high-quality aluminium alloy (lead-free)

• excellent thermal transfer

• prevents samples from being swapped or spilled

• constant temperature due to direct contact with ice

• autoclavable (121 °C)

• Resistant to ultra-low temperatures (-196 °C tested with liquid nitrogen)

• „Made in Germany“

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The Simplebiotech Arctic Blu cooling rack is made of a special lead-free aluminium alloy with excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The blue anodizing offers additional corrosion protection and a very hard, largely scratch-resistant surface. The conically milled precision fittings are perfectly adapted to the tubes and ensure a fast heat transfer. The intelligent concept enables a firm fit of the centrifuge tubes as well as easy removal of the tubes. This centrifuge tube cooler block is easy to clean due to the open bottom shape of the vial holders. In addition, the Arctic Blu cooling rack is fully autoclavable at 121 °C. The arctic blu cooling block also resists ultra temperatures up to -196 °C and liquid nitrogene. Compared to the direct use of wet ice, the Arctic Blu aluminum rack significantly reduces swapping, spilling and mixing up of samples. This cooling block is ideal for preparing enzyme reactions, cell lysis, harvesting virus supernatants, RNA extraction and whenever constant temperatures around zero degrees are needed.

How is the Arctic Blu aluminium tube cooling rack used?
The best way is to store the Alu Cooling Rack always in the fridge when not in use. When the pre-cooled rack is placed on ice, it is immediately at the right temperature. And unlike plastic cooling racks with gel filling which are pre-cooled to -20 °C, the temperature remains constant until the ice has melted.

Aluminuium Cooling Rack Arctic Blu 1.5 | Alu Kühl-Rack Arctic Blu 1,5

Dimensions(l x b x h) 115 x 90 x 31 mm
Capacity24 x 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge tubes
MaterialAlMgSi0.5 blue anodised
Fitting conical
Country of origin Germany



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