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  • Mikrozentrifuge, Mini Zentrifuge, mini centrifuge

    Microcentrifuge with adjustable speed CAPP Rondo CR68 | Minizentrifuge variable Geschwindigkeit bis 6000rpm

    A complete low speed mini centrifuge for many applications up to 6000 rpm / 2000g.
    • adjustable speed and time
    • Digital display
    • Comes with a rotor with capacity for 8 microcentrifuge tubes 1.5 / 2 mL
    • Imbalance cut-off safety feature
    • Electronic safety brake
    • Additional rotor for two 8 tube PCR strips inclusive
    • Brushless DC motor for whisper quiet operation

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  • Mini High Speed Centrifuge - Mini Labor Zentrifuge 15000 rpm CAPP Rondo CR1512

    High Speed Mini Centrifuge CAPP Rondo CR1512 | Mini Zentrifuge 15000 rmp CR1512

    • compact high speed cetrifuge (15000 rpm, corresponding to 15596 g)

    • comes with rotor for twelve microtubes 1.5/2 mL 

    • can be equipped with a strip rotor, suitable for 0.2mL 8 tube PCR strips

    • unique airflow design for less heat and noise generation

    • lid lock safety brake system

    • maintenance free brushless DC motor

    • imbalance detection system

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  • High Speed Vacum Concentrator

    High Speed Vacuum Concentrator MICRO CENVAC NB-503CIR | Vakuum Konzentrator Zentrifuge

    • Built-in infrared heating in the lid (heating also in vacuum)
    • Built-in diaphragm vacuum pump (PTFE coated, oil-free)
    • Easy control of the samples in real time by stroboscope effect
    • Brushless DC motor – low noise and maintenance-free
    • PTFE ( Teflon ) coated chamber
    • Ideal for sensitive samples like DNA, RNA, peptides, proteins and amino acids
    • Fast drying even of sensitive samples
    • Optional: cold trap or peltier cold trap available
    • Small footprint
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  • Klinische Zentrifuge | Blutzentrifuge |clinical medical centrifuge | Arztzentrifuge | medizinische Zentrifuge | Blut Serum Plasma Zentrifuge

    Clinical centrifuge Capp Rondo CRC-658 | medizinische Zentrifuge / Arztzentrifuge

    With its compact dimensions, the clinical centrifuge CRC-658 is the perfect choice for your medical practice or laboratory. Due to the bushless DC motor used, it is exceptionally quiet and durable. The Clinical Centrifuge is suitable for 8 x 15 … Read More
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  • Mikrozentrifuge, Mini Zentrifuge, mini centrifuge

    Microcentrifuge CAPP Rondo CR-68 | Quick spin Mini-Zentrifuge

    Test CappRondo for free! Personal mini centrifuge perfect for quick and pulse spins (advanced version CR-68X with variable speed and timer available).

    • Fixed speed 6000 rpm / 2000 x g
    • very low noise level
    • Electronic safety brake – immediately stops rotor on lid opening
    • Quick operation by simply closing and opening the lid
    • Comes with 8 slot rotor for 1,5 mL and 2 mL microreaction tubes
    • PCR strip rotor and reduction adaptors for 0.2mL and 0.5mL PCR tubes included
    • 24 month manufacturer warranty

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  • Universalzentrifuge, Zentrifuge Falcon Reaktiongefäße, 50ml conical tubes, swing out rotor, festwinkel, fix angle rotor | Falcon Zentrifuge

    Universal Centrifuge CAPP Rondo CRC-432X | Universalzentrifuge

    Suitable for 15mL and 50 mL Falcon type conical centrifuge tubes (rotor and adapters sold separately)

    • wide range of rotors available (swing out and fix angle for glass, falcon and vacutainers)

    • speed range from 500 to 4.500 rpm

    • small footprint

    • Brushless DC motor – maintenance free and perfect for extended runs

    • 1 to 999 mins or infinite mode

    • electronic imbalance detection

    • short spin feature

    • stainless steel rotor chamber

    • smart air flow system for low noise and heat development



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  • Kühlzentrifuge CAPP CR1730 | Refrigerated Mikro-Centrifuge CAPP Rondo

    Capp Rondo Refrigerated Centrifuge CR1730R | Kühlzentrifuge Capp Rondo

    • temperature range from -20°C to 40°C
    • maximum speed of 17.000 rpm (27.237 g)
    • multiple rotors available
    • cools down to 4 °C in just 5 minutes
    • very low noise, max. 56dB
    • teflon-coated rust-free chamber

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