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  • Inkubator Brutschrank mit Kühlung und Heizung | cooling Incubator

    Mini Inkubator (Brutschrank) mit Kühlung | Mini cooling Incubator Capp Rondo

    Temperature range 2°C to 60°C (max. 15 °C below ambient)
    microprocessor controlled thermal system
    internal power outlet for magnetic stirrer or small shakers
    small footprint
    20L internal chamber fits 2 L bottles
    perfect for yeast precultures in breweries and low temperature protein expression

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  • Incubation Hood Inkuserve Inkubationshaube Inkubator für Labor-Schüttler, Inkubatorhaube, Inkubator Haube

    Inkuserve Inkubationshaube – Incubation Hood

    Convert your shaker into a shaking incubator

    • Incubation Hood Incuserve Inkubationshaube
    • Flexible, may be used with different kinds of shakers, including orbital platform shakers and overhead shakers
    • Front door with double folding device for easy access
    • Self-learning, high sensitive PID controlled temperature regulation for small amplitude around the setpoint
    • Economic price

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