DNA cloning or molecular cloning means the assembly of recombinant DNA molecules and their propagation in the host organism. One example is the insertion of a human DNA fragment (gene) into a plasmid and its duplication in E. coli.

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  • T4 DNA Ligase for DNA klonierung Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase

    T4 DNA Ligase

    T4 DNA Ligase (2.5 Weiss*units/μL and 6.0 Weiss/units/uL)

    • T4 DNA Ligase catalyses the formation of a phosphodiester bond between neighbouring 5′ -phosphate and 3′ -hydroxyl termini in duplex DNA or RNA
    • Covalently joins DNA fragments with complementary cohesive ends or blunt ends
    • Cloning of PCR and restriction fragments
    • Self circularisation of linear DNA
    • Ligation of adaptors or linkers to DNA
    • Repair of single stranded breaks (nicks)


    (*Note: one Weiss unit is equivalent to about 67 cohesive end ligation units)

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  • Quick Ligation Kit Simplebiotech Schnellligations Kit

    Rapid DNA Ligation Kit

    Rapid DNA Ligation Kit for fast cloning at affordable price

    • Quick: DNA ligation of blunt or sticky DNA ends in just 15min or less
    • Convienient ligation at room temperature
    • Improved ligation of blunt end DNA
    • Direct transformation of chemical competent e. coli cells 

    (For transformation of electrocometent e. coli cells the ligation product should be purifed before transformation)

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