Inkuserve Inkubationshaube – Incubation Hood

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Convert your shaker into a shaking incubator

• Incubation Hood Incuserve Inkubationshaube
• Flexible, may be used with different kinds of shakers, including orbital platform shakers and overhead shakers
• Front door with double folding device for easy access
• Self-learning, high sensitive PID controlled temperature regulation for small amplitude around the setpoint
• Economic price

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The Incuserve incubation hood possess a front door with double folding device, which is opened upwards, allowing free access to the interior from above. The temperature regulation is PID controlled, with a highly sensitive platinum probe. It is self-learning, thus, the temperature once set, will be reached faster and with lower amplitude around the setpoint. The Incuserve incubation hood is highly flexible as you can use it with virtually all kind of shakers, just take your orbital shaker out and put your overhead shaker or your tube-roller in whenever you need. The combination of flexibility, precision and intuitive operation together with a favourable price, makes the Incuserve Incubation hood to the perfect alternative to incubation shakers.

Inkuserve Inkubationshaube Incubation Hood

Air flow80 m ³ / h
Appliance classclass 1
Heating power1000 watts
Fuse6.3 A
Power supply 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
Temperature range RT - 55 ° C
Temperature accuracy at 37 °C+/- 0.6 °C
Display LEDsimultaneosly actual value and setpoint
Ambient temperature+10 to +35
Producer BSB11 Biotech Service Blu
Country of manufactureGermany
Technical data of the Inkuserve Inkubationshaube (inbation hood). The Incuserve Inkubationshaube may be used together with different kind of shakers or even without shaker.

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