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• Designed and produced in Germany
• Effective DNA/RNA inactivation with powerful high intensity UV tube
• Prevents your samples from cross contamination
• Adjustable timer
• Total operating time counter for UV tubes
• Two integrated power outlets for lab equipment
• Economic, energy saving and silent
• Custom sizes available on request

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BSB11 Benchtop UV PCR workbench („dead air or with optional UV Air Flow System“). The powerful 36 watt shortwave UV tube disinfects and effectively inactivates nucleic acids by causing pyrimidine dimers that block subsequent PCR amplification. Thus, UV irradiation of working surface and equipment after working will prevent unwanted PCR amplification for more reliable results. When the hatch is opened, the UV light is switched off automatically. An inbuilt daylight lamp insures a good illumination of the work zone. The tablet can be removed for easy and complete cleaning of the work surface. The frame and the work surface of this PCR workstation are made of powder coated aluminium, the side walls are made of break resistant polycarbonate and guarantee a reliable UV protection. In contrast to plexiglass (acrylic glass, PMMA), polycarbonate is insensitive to the usual laboratory wiping with 70 % ethanol and the mechanical stability is also significantly higher. The tray is also available in high-quality stainless steel (V2A). In the interior the PCR cabinet has 2 built-in power points, a shelf with supports for 3 pipettes and a holder for a glove box or wipes.
What is the advantage from dead air cabinets over recirculating systems?
Unlike recirculating systems our UV PCR workbench is apart from lamp changes virtually maintenance free, energy saving and last but not least silent. Did you know that noise is a major cause of pipetting errors?

PCR workstation

External dimensions(W x D x H) approx. 710 x 510 x 760 mm
Working surface (W x D) approx. 700 x 500 mm
Housing / frame Aluminum blue powdered
UV Timer Variable 5 - 30 min or infinitely
Front and side walls Polycarbonate
Weight approx. 18 kg
UV light36 w high intensity 254nm tube
Work space illumination 13 W energy saving white light tube
Power supply230 Volt - 50/60 Hz
Counter for total operating hours (UV)Yes
Power connection inside 2 x 230 volt power points
AccessoriesShelf with 3 pipette holders | Glove box holder
Security turn off when slash is openedYes
Coutry of Origin Germany
PCR workbench I UV PCR cabinet - Product details


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