Mini Inkubator (Brutschrank) mit Kühlung | Mini cooling Incubator Capp Rondo


Temperature range 2°C to 60°C (max. 15 °C below ambient)
microprocessor controlled thermal system
internal power outlet for magnetic stirrer or small shakers
small footprint
20L internal chamber fits 2 L bottles
perfect for yeast precultures in breweries and low temperature protein expression

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The Capp Rondo mini refrigerated incubator meets with its wide temperature range from 15 °C below ambient to 60 °C all your heating and cooling tasks for your experiments. The temperature setting is intuitive and is indicated on a large LED display. An internal power point allows the connection of a small shaker or magnetic stirrer. This makes it perfect for recombinant protein expression at low temperatures, improving the folding and solubility of many proteins. In combination with a magnetic stirrer, the CAPP Rondo cooling incubator is also ideally suited for yeast pre-culture in breweries. A large viewing window in combination with built-in lights provide a clear view of the interior.

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