Microcentrifuge CAPP Rondo CR-68 | Quick spin Mini-Zentrifuge


Test CappRondo for free! Personal mini centrifuge perfect for quick and pulse spins (advanced version CR-68X with variable speed and timer available).

• Fixed speed 6000 rpm / 2000 x g
• very low noise level
• Electronic safety brake – immediately stops rotor on lid opening
• Quick operation by simply closing and opening the lid
• Comes with 8 slot rotor for 1,5 mL and 2 mL microreaction tubes
• PCR strip rotor and reduction adaptors for 0.2mL and 0.5mL PCR tubes included
• 24 month manufacturer warranty

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The personal microcentrifuge Capp Rondo CR-68 starts stops in seconds and is therefore perfect the perfect choice for the fast spin down of drops from the tube wall. With 6000 rpm / 2000g the CR-68 mini-centrifuge is also capable of precipitating E. coli or yeast cells in a few minutes. For special applications such as the gentle centrifugation of mammalian cells or beads for immunoprecipitation or affinity chromatography an advanced version of this centrifuge, the CR-68X with adjustable speed of up to 6000rpm / 2000g and timer is available. The CAPP Rondo quick spin centrifuge offers excellent safety, thanks to its electronic safety brake. The CAPPRondo centrifuge is supplied with a rotor for eight 1.5mL / 2mL microcentrifuge tubes and an additional PCR strip rotor with 2 x 8 x 0.2mL PCR strips as well as reduction adapters for 0.2mL / 0.4mL PCR tubes.


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