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Magnetic Stirrer Capp Rondo CRS-15X | Magnetrührer 15 – 1500 rpm


• small and slim design
• Induction drive without moving parts
• digital speed set from 15 to 1500 rpm
• pulse mode works for 30 seconds on each direction, for an improved mixing
• wear-free induction drive without moving parts
• ideal for small volumes up to 800 ml
• protection class IP65 – dust and splash water proteced
• PTFE coated high stregth stirrer bar included (25 x 8 mm)

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The Capp Rondo magnetic stirrer CRS-15X has no moving parts thanks to its induction drive. It is a pure stirrer without a heating function. Thanks to its ultra-flat and compact design, this magnetic stirrer is perfectly suited for use in the CR-MI1 Mini Cooling Incubator. The stainless steel top surface is easy to clean and resists moderate contamination of harsh chemicals. The Capp Rondo CRS-15X Magnetic Stirrer is protected against splash water and dust according to DIN EN 60529- IP65. With its compact design it is perfect for small volumes up to 800ml. For large volumes and viscous fluids, Simplebiotech recommends the powerful hotplate stirrer Capp Rondo CRS-21H or the ultra strong Capp Rondo CRS-22H.


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