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Agarose Electrophoresis System Mini S, Elektrophoresekammer horizontal komplett mit Zubehör

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• Developed and manufactured in Germany
• Very stable construction made of acrylic glass
•  Pouring of gels directly in the chamber
• No leakage, no need for adhesive tape
• UV transparent gel carrier
• Electrodes made of pure platinum
• Color code for correct lid positioning
• Electrode connections that make interchanging of poles impossible
• Easy to remove lid
• Up to two combs at the same time
• Wide range of combs available


Includes an UV transparent gel tray 70 x 80 (W x L), and two 12 well combs for up to 24 samples.


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Mini S horizontal electrophoresis chamber complete with two combs and a gel tray for DNA or RNA agarose gel electrophoresis. The sealing system on the gel slides allows the gels to be cast directly in the chamber, no need for separate gel casters. Compact construction for minimum buffer and gel volumes and minimum toxic waste (ethidium bromide). For power supplies with 4mm standard connections. When using Bio Rad power supplies an adaptor is needed, which can be purchased separately at Simplebiotech. Additional gel trays and combs from 5 to 15 wells may also be ordered separately.

Cell size (W x L x H)approx. 8.5x24x6.5cm
Gel width7cm
electrode distance (direct)18cm
Gel lenth8cm
Base buffer volumeapprox. 275mL
Country of manufactureGermany

Specifications mini S electrophoresis chamber (horziontal)


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