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Microplate Shaker Capp Rondo | ELISA Platten Schüttler für Einzelplatten


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The CAPP Rondo microplate shaker for efficient an spill free mixing small sample volumes the microwell plate formate. With its tiny footprint, as small as the microplate itself, it fits perfect in every clean bench, cold room, incubator (up to 40 °C) or on your workbench. The inbuilt counterbalance ensures a stable, quiet and long life operation. It can be operated as a standalone unit or alternatively, can also be easily integrated into a robotic system, with the USB provided.

Easy Installation, tool free and easy clamp change procedure. Easy loading, spill proof and simple slide in/slide out for loading/unloading of microplate. Provides universal fitting – comes with interchangeable clamps for different micro plates.

With the accessory tube platform, the shaker can be used as tube shaker for up to 20 micro reaction tubes of 1.5 mL or 2.0 mL volume.



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