Multichannel Pipette AHN pipet4u Pro | AHN Mehrkanal Pipetten mechanisch

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• low plunger forces – reduces the risk of tendinitis with frequent pipetting
• ultimate accuracy and precision
• autoclavable at 121 °C without disassembly or recalibration
• compatible with common tips
• UV resistant
• durable
• 2 years warranty

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The Pipet4U pro multichannel pipettes are characterized by a comfortable pipetting due to the ergonomic shape and a low effort while pipetting. The colour coding system allows an easy identification of all pipettes. All AHN Pipet4U pro multichannel pipettes are fully autoclavable without disassembly. A new calibration after autoclaving is not necessary. The pipettes are very accurate and precise in both forward and reverse pipetting mode and meet the following standards: DIN EN ISO 8655-1 | DIN EN ISO 8655-2 | DIN EN ISO 8655-6 and EU Directive 98/79/EG


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