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Vortex Mixer POWER-MIX Labinco L46 | Vortexer | Reagenzglasmischer

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• Made in the Netherlands

•  Variable speed up to maximum speed 2500 rpm

• Press-to-Mix action and continuous action

• Stepless speedcontrol, up to maximum speed 2500 rpm

• Large selection of attachments available

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The powerfull vortex mixer from the netherlands. Supplied as standard with the single tube holder, suitable for microreaction tubes, test tubes up to 50 mL centrifuge tubes. Thanks to the large selection of optionally available easily adaptable attachments, the Labinco L46 is suitable for virtually all laboratory tubes.


A: MICRO-TITRE-PLATE-HOLDER (Order number 46100), easy adaptable holder for one 96-well micro-titre-plate

B: MINI-REACTION-TUBE-HOLDER (Order number 46250+B1), holder for 20 mini-reaction-tubes

(including polythene-foam holder b1 spare polythene-foam-holder for 20 mini-reaction-tubes)

C: One-position TEST-TUBE-HOLDER (Order number 46300) easy adaptable holder for a single test-tube (max. 20×200 mm) including aluminium rod (M10)

D: Multi-position TEST-TUBE-HOLDER (Order number 46400) holder for up to 7 test-tubes (18x115mm) (max) Changing while mixing is possible

E: Universal CONTACT-PLATE (Ordernumber 46500) universal contact plate for touching and mixing up to 6 tubes at once





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