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Tube Roller Adaptor for Eppendorf Tubes | Rollenmischer Adapter für Mikrozentrifugenröhrchen


Double pack for up to 2x 12 tubes
Gently mix 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes on your tube roller
Offers space for up to 12 microcentrifuge tubes
By using several adapters, simultaneous mixing of 100 and more samples is possible.
Excellent alternative to over-end mixing tube rotators
Gentle mixing with minimal oxygen input
Perfect for pulldown assays and immunoprecipitation
Ideal for mixing viscous liquids , affinity beads and many more

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Pack of 2 microtube adapters tube rollers
One Simplebiotech roller mixer adapter allows gentle mixing of up to twelve 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes („Eppendorf tubes“) on a roller mixer. The adaptor is suitable for use with CappRondo CRR-08X , the Labinco Rollerbech and all other laboratory roller mixers.


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