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Tube Roller CAPP Rondo | Rollenmischer


Also suitable for gentle mixing of 1.5ml microcentifuge tubes („Eppis“), due to a special adaper! (Only at SIMPLEBIOTECH)

• Gentle rocking and rolling

• Adjustable speed 10 to 80 RPM

• Timer ranging from 1 min to 99 mins and infinite mode

• Maintenance free brushless DC motor

• Removable rollers (autoclavable)

• Adjustable roller spacing for different tube diameters

• Digital display

• Programmable pulse mode

• Small footprint (W x D x H) 502mm x 92.5mm x 301 mm

•  Efficient mixing of blood sample and viscous substances

• Low voltage instrument of 24VDC

• Suitable for use incubator and the Inkuserve Incubation Hood




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