BSB11 UV-C Flow System | Air Disinfection and Decontamination / UV Luftdesinfektionsgerät


• Plug in air disinfection and decontamination

• For use with PCR Workstation BSB11 or as stand alone device

• Inacitivates DNA and RNA with short wave UV light

• Reduces microbial contamination of the air and inactivates viruses

• 254nm short wave UV-light (ozone free)

• Closed system, safe to stay on during work.

• Made in Germany

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The Flow UV-C Recirculator was developed as an accessory for the BSB11 PCR Workbench to inactivate nucleic acids and prevent cross-contamination during PCR. The air drown in, is passed directly along the high-power 254nm UV tube and leaves the unit almost free of amplifiable nucleic acid contamination, living microorganisms and replication-competent viruses. As a plug-in device it can be used independent from the PCR Workbench for room air disinfection. UV light of 254nm wavelength is very effective against both DNA viruses such as adenoviruses and RNA viruses including corona and influenza viruses.The UV tube is specially coated and allows UV light of 254 nm wavelength to pass through unhindered, while UV light of 185 nm is absorbed preventing the formation of ozone, which can irritate the respiratory tract. Due to the closed design, the device can remain on during work without endangering anyone. It is therefore also ideal for disinfection of indoor air in medical practices, kindergartens, retirement homes and in food industry.

Dimensions: 50cm x 10cm x 10cm

UV-Light: 36 W

UV intensitiy 254nm: 12000mW


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