High Speed Vacuum Concentrator MICRO CENVAC NB-503CIR | Vakuum Konzentrator Zentrifuge


  • Built-in infrared heating in the lid (heating also in vacuum)
  • Built-in diaphragm vacuum pump (PTFE coated, oil-free)
  • Easy control of the samples in real time by stroboscope effect
  • Brushless DC motor – low noise and maintenance-free
  • PTFE ( Teflon ) coated chamber
  • Ideal for sensitive samples like DNA, RNA, peptides, proteins and amino acids
  • Fast drying even of sensitive samples
  • Optional: cold trap or peltier cold trap available
  • Small footprint

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The combination of vacuum centrifugation and IR heating allows fast and gentle drying of sensitive samples. It is therefore particularly suitable for the concentration and drying of biological samples such as DNA, RNA, Oligos, peptides, proteins and amino acids. An infrared heater built into the glass lid allows heating even when the vacuum is switched on. This makes the Micro Cenvac centrifuge faster and gentler than conventional vacuum centrifuge dryers. The brushless DC motor ensures a very quiet and smooth running. You can select three different centrifugation speeds. Using the stroboscope effect, the drying of the samples can be controlled in real time without interrupting the drying process. Various rotors are available for tubes between 0.5mL and 30mL (rotors must be ordered separately). The MICRO CENVAC is also available with 2 litre cold trap or Peltier cold trap (-20°C).

Specifications N-Biotech MICRO-CENVAC NB-503CIR

Specifications MICRO-CENVAC NB-503CIR
Temperature range35°C to 65°C PID controlled
Temperature ModeIR, IR and Heat, Heat
Timer99 h 59 min
Maximum pressure (pump)100mbars/abs
Output (pump) 6,5L/minOutput (pump) 6,5L/min
Dimensions213mm (L) x 255mm (W) x 225(H)mm
Weight 9,5 kg
Production countrySouth Korea
Micro High speed vacum concentrator centrifufuge N-Biotech MICRO-CENVAC NB-503CIR


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