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With its compact dimensions, the clinical centrifuge CRC-658 is the perfect choice for your medical practice or laboratory. Due to the bushless DC motor used, it is exceptionally quiet and durable. The Clinical Centrifuge is suitable for 8 x 15 ml tubes and has a maximum speed of 6500 rpm corresponding to 3800 g. Three optional rotors are available: a swing-out rotor for 6x10mL tubes and two fixed-angle rotors for 8x15mL or 16x10mL tubes. Several tube adapters for 2mL, 3mL, 4mL, 6mL and 9mL ensure that the capp Rondo medical centrifuge is suitable for virtually all commonly used tubes in clinical applications. The safety lock system prevents the lid from opening during the run.  As soon as the centrifuge run is finished, the lid opens automatically. In case of a power failure the centrifuge can be opened by an emergency lid release. An electronic imbalance detector automatically stops centrifugation in case of imbalance and provides additional safety. The Capp Rondo clinic medical centrifuge CRC-658  is intuitive to operate and has a short spin function that can be accessed by a single touch.


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