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Orbital shaker suitable for CO2 incubators – Schüttler geeignet für C02 Zellkultur Inkubatoren


• Suitable for CO2 incubators
• Platform size 355×300 mm
• Outside dimensions: 360x405x96 mm
• orbital diameter 19 mm
• 30-300 rpm
• Gentle Start-Up prevents spill out
• Magentic drive
• LED Display
• Max. Load: 6 kg
• Power: 30W
• Environmental Condition: 5-60°C and <99% RH
• Weight: 17 kg


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The MRC TOS-6048FD orbital shaker has an external control box. The shaker is placed inside the CO2 incubator while the control box remains outside. This gives the user full control of the shaker without opening the cell culture incubator. The electronics remain protected as they are located outside the incubator. Needless to say, the shaker can also be operated outside an incubator and is also ideally suited for the Inkuserve Inkubation hood. This turns the Inkuserve incubation hood into a shaking incubator for cultivating bacteria or yeast.

Precise control: The separate, external control unit with clear LED display allows you to easily set and monitor all important parameters such as speed, time and temperature.
Soft start: The soft start mechanism prevents your samples from spilling when the shaker starts up.
Magnetic drive technology: The maintenance-free magnetic drive technology ensures reliable and low-noise, low-wear performance without drive belts.
CO2-resistant: This orbital shaker is specially designed for high CO2 concentrations and humidity and can be used both inside and outside the incubator.
Compact design: The shaker takes up very little space and is ideal for use in incubators.
CE certified: Our shaker fulfils the highest safety standards and is CE-certified.
Simple operation: The intuitive control unit ensures simple operation.
Maximum flexibility: The shaker can be used both inside and outside the incubator.
Low maintenance: The belt free magnetic drive technology minimises maintenance requirements.


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