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Lambda DNA EcoRI/HindIII Marker

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Lambda DNA EcoRI/HindIII Marker

Lambda Phage DNA completely digested with EcoR I and Hind III. The band pattern shows 13 discrete bands: 21226*, 5148, 4973, 4268, 3530*, 2027, 1904, 1584,1375, 947, 831, 564, 125.

*The cohesive ends (12b cos site of bacteriophage λ) of fragments 21226bp and 3530bp may anneal to and form an additional band. These fragments can be separated by heating to 65 °C for 5 min and then cooling on ice for 3min.

Lambda EcoRI HindIII DNA Größen Marker
Lambda DNA EcoRI HindIII Size Marker


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