AHN Pipette variable volume pipet4u® pro | Mikropipette einstellbar


• Made in Germany

• adjustable volume

• colour code

• autoclavable at 121°C without any disassembling

• even after multiple autoclaving cycles, no recalibration required

• easy recalibration

• ergonmic design

• compatible with common tip brands

• high chemical resistance

• easy recalibration

• two years manufacturer warranty.


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 The ergonomic design and the smooth piston of the AHN Pipet4U® micropipette allow comfortable working and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). The pipet 4u micropipete operates according to the air displacement principle and enables precise and reliable pipetting. Each pipet 4U pro pipette is calibrated and certified according to EN ISO 8655. Compared to the previous model pipet4u performance, the AHN pipet4u® pro has been significantly improved in several points. It now features a snap fit mechanism which allows easy cleaning and frequent autoclaving. The new pipette tip ejector assembly design allows a smoother function. The AHN pipet4u® per micropipette meets the following standards:
EN ISO 8655-1, EN ISO 8655- 2, EN ISO 8655-6, EU Directive 98/79/EC. Two years manufacturer warranty.


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